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PLEASE NOTE: We do not have any job vacancies. We have not offered any jobs to anyone. Our company registration details have been hijacked. We have nothing to do with the similarly named Management Solution company or their website Please exercise extreme caution. We strongly suggest you do not provide personal or bank details and if you have done so already you should contact your bank and the police.

Solution Management Ltd provides businesses and management consultant services to the private and public sectors. Offering organisations sound, innovative and practicable advice in the areas of organisational development, project management, change management, supply chain management, strategy and operations. Accepting commissions throughout the UK.

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Executives now understand that making a business plan happen requires more than providing a few resources and dictating what is required. Generally employees want to succeed but their attitude to success will depend upon the company culture. Leadership is about creating the unwritten rules that influence this paradigm and create the 'X' factor within a company that enables it to get the best from its people.

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Through specialising in Management Processes and Supply Chain Management in their widest context, Solution Management can offer an organisation a comprehensive evaluation of a number of its key success factors. These two areas cover the complete spectrum from an organisation's structure, culture, communication, training, quality systems and approach to human resources, to environmental factors and relationships with external stakeholders.

Solution Management is associated with Perspective Consultants, a group of independent professional management consultants with complementary skills that between them can provide expertise in all areas of business, economic development, training, social and cultural development, and the environment.

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